Thursday, October 21, 2010

Decorate Your Home With Beautiful Mezuzah Collection

When you want to give a warm welcome to your guests then Mezuzah is the perfect decorating piece you can think of. The Mezuzah which comes in a variety of forms and are wonderful adornments for your doorposts, gives your house the flawless touch of the Jewish tradition.

The Mezuzah parchment scrolls placed within the beautiful and elaborately decorative cases make up for an exquisite show case. If you are in search for such exclusive pieces of mezuzah then Bible Land Shop is definitely the right place for you. Why?

Bible Land Shop has some of the finest collection of mezuzah carved out in specific features and come in wide range of materials. Whether it is the sterling silver mezuzah collection or the wooden mezuzah, they work great as gifting pieces and carry the special essence of Judaism and Israeli history. What’s more? We offer you all these at the most attractive price range which you won’t get anywhere.

Asked about a particular choice, my suggestion would be to go for the stone and marble mezuzah. These pieces are ornamented with colorful stones giving them a dazzling appearance and make for a great gift for any house warming party. They include strong tape on the back of case so that they can be hung easily. Available at an attractive price of $13.24 these pieces are affordable as well as stylish.

Apart from the elegant Mezuzah cases Bible Land Shop also has the parchment scrolls collection for you which are made of sheepskin and work out wonders for your home.


  1. This is very beautiful log as I enjoyed reading it fully.Our mezuzah cases are made of a large variety of materials, including silver, wood, aluminum, glass and plastic. We also offer the parchment scroll contained in mezuzah cases as a separate item.

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