Thursday, October 21, 2010

Red String Bracelet - To Protect Yourself From The Evil Eye

Want to protect your loved ones and yourself from the evil eye? Here is the solution for you in the most charming and beautiful way. Bible Land Shop offers you the trendiest red string bracelets to adorn and protect your loved ones from the negative energy and misfortune of the evil eye.

The Red String Bracelet is among the best sellers of the Israeli jewelries.The charm, beauty and the spiritual implication that it carries with itself is enough to attract people’s attention towards itself. Ornamented beautifully with different pendants, these bracelets are believed to be powerful averters of evil eyes.

Your search for glorious and magnificent pieces of these bracelets ends at Bible Land Shop because these wonderful bracelets are available at attractive prices and in exquisite forms in our store. The red string bracelet fixed with the Star of David works strongly against the evil eye. This pendant has a turn around glass blue eye in it which helps you to disperse the negative energy.

Red String Bracelet

Another pendant which is nailed to the red string bracelet is the magnificent silver covered Hamsa hand which is one of the most popular and charismatic amulet of the Jewish culture and it not only gives you magical protection from the evil eye but also invites good luck and prosperity. Variations are carved even among these Hamsa pendants. Some forms are designed with three fingers raised while some have two thumbs arranged symmetrically. We also have the beautiful red string Kabbalah bracelet with red glass beads attached with the astounding turn around blue eye.

The unique and attractive red string bracelets from Bible Land Shop are specifically designed to protect you from the evil eye. So if you want to make your life more secure and meaningful then buy red string bracelets from Bible Land Shop.

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